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Tuesday, October 11, 2005 

God This Post Sucks Kitten (or The Point is that I Submitted a Story for Publication Today... Try to Remember That K?)

So last New Year's I made a resolution that I would get at least ten rejection letters by the end of the year.

I want to be rejected.

Yes... there is a reason that I am single.

SO,I made this resolution cuz I'm a chicken shit, and because I have this theory about my generation.

Yes I have a fucking theory okay! I do have a brain... fuckers.

Actually I have lot of theories backed up by statistics aka shit I like to make up. In general I try to keep that shit to myself though cuz most people who have theories are either quacks or complete snooze fests. In fact I try NOT to tell people that I love greek mythology, statistics, ancient philosophy, psychology, history (history is cool!), cars and some other shit I don't remember right now.

Not that I'm saying I'm smart, I mean I failed biology. Oh wait, I got a D. A FUCKING D. Fucking shitfest biology GOD I HATED THAT GUY!!!! damn him to fucking hell.

But here's the thing, lets say a boring guy walks by and starts going off about some stupid crap and basically talking down to me, usually I stay quiet hoping he will soon leave, if for some reason this doesn't work he'll usually begin talking out of his ass at which point I get to correct him, embaress him and make him leave. Pompous ass.

Here's a clue: I love people who spout statistics while holding a beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other, while laughing and combining fuck with as many new words as possible. Contradictions are my joy.

Anyway, back to my theory. My theory is that my generation is a bunch of pussies. It's not that we're afraid of failure it's that we're afraid of success and so we never try for anything choosing instead to play life on the sidelines where it's safe and sound.

See, what if I tried and succeeded? What if people actually EXPECTED something of me? Yeah. Freaky.


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