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Friday, August 05, 2005 

I'm In a Bad Mood

I came home all pissy today. The kind of pissy where nobody better fucking talk to me or I'll rip their skin off and make a lampshade.

Oh yeah, I'll feel bad about it, eventually. But that's next week, right now I'm only worried about today, and how I might go about killing everyone in sight.

Shit man, just don't talk to me when I'm like this.

Anyway, so I've been planning this NY trip, and my mom tells me she changed something, and it made me spit nails so bad that I knocked over the garbage can while throwing something away and then had to right it quickly before I kicked it all over the fucking house.

So fuck NY. I'm not going. And fuck everyone while I'm at it. I fuckin hate changes in plans, and I know that I'm all pissy right now but I really don't give a fuck. I've been planning this trip for nine fucking months and she had to go piss all over it when I invited her because I simply wanted her to enjoy something new with me. Well. I guess that was a mistake.

fuck. That's right, I say fuck a lot! You got some kind of fuckin problem with it?

But I don't want to be mad, I want to let it just slide right off my back like water. Which doesn't seem to be working. And when I try not to be mad about things that irritate me I turn into a whiny emotional bitch which I hate even more.

Fuck I'm going to go kick some walls now, and yes, I promise to call anger management tomorrow and regret this outburst next week.



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