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Saturday, May 07, 2005 

sat uh day

I woke up this morning smelling like beer and cigarettes.

This used to be a weekly occurence... but not so much anymore. Perhaps I'm growing up?

Nah. I've just been busy.

I was going to drunk blog last night but... then I didn't. i walked thru the door and shed my clothes like a bad skin, fell into bed hating my stupid cell phone that kept fucking ringing.


Moron... I really gave your car my number if you know what I mean. That Z was all, "hey what's up baby... slide in. My seats are nice and soft and I would love the feel of you ridin me hard". I looked around, was that car talking to me?

"Yeah. You."

Honey, you were just standing in the way, all your dialogue, "Girl you're fucking beautiful and I KNOW you don't have a boyfriend cuz no man would let a girl like you walk ALONE to her car" was all fucking background noise. It was your car I was staring at.... and you know it.

You would've let me drive it right then and there, shit you were practically handing over your keys, but your boys were all, "Hey we gotta go", and then they saw me, "shit that girls beautiful". Your face went still when your boy tried to jock, but he was walking so you thought you were safe. You weren't. PSST: he was better looking than you, but I had already committed myself to the car and so I couldn't back track. Aw fuck.

Today... car or no car, I fucking hate anyone blowing up my cell. So piss off.

Hey X, I have a date with you on tuesday... and I already know what I'm wearing. I want your heart to go pitter patter. I don't need to practice being slippery cuz I'm like that naturally... just when you think you have me I change directions. Hey, I know that's why you like me... I know that's why almost every guy likes me. My fear of commitment piques your interest... so prepare to go home just as confused as I always am.


I was close enough in the club to see the lead singer of Better Than Ezra sweat, they rocked, and all of our drinks were free.