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Friday, May 06, 2005 

I'll Tell You A Secret About Me

If you tell me one about you......

nah. I can't take it. I'm gonna spill.

If you knew me you would know this secret anyways... when we hang out I'll watch your every move, listen to your voice inflections, mentally record your favorites phrases, the way your arms move, how you tilt your head and what your funniest reaction/faces are. Yo, I'll imitate you like a motherfucker.

I get up in the middle of the crowd and all our friends will laugh their asses off as I become you. You will laugh too cuz I don't do it to be mean, I do it to be funny, and cuz I think you're fucking funny and nice as hell. Otherwise I would never bother to pay that much attention to you. You see?

It's a compliment.

So today I have your words buzzing in my head and I find myself thinking with the words "yo", "rat bastard", "muskrat love" and "heh" stuck in my head.

You and YOU and U and [fuckuTycuzYoudon'townthewordUYouknow] yeah... you, are soooo stuck in my head and I want to play with words until you don't know which way is up and which way is down.

I am a collector of words and complex sentence structures and you can throw grammatical rules at me all day long but fuck off.

I know what sounds good and I know what doesn't.

My head is buzzing and my thoughts are fuzzy and this is all like some strange dream/trip where blues clues are leading me to sexual bondage, I'm being held up at a store on my first day after I've tried to ride/tame the wax machine and am thrown through the wall to the yard where I keep my bunnies hidden... but I'm getting lost.

Are you lost with me yet?

Did you see pieces of you in there? So did I.... I'm trying to keep my head straight and my boss keeps walking past my cubicle while I keep an eye on the clock, a hand on my to do list and I try to organize all of this into something you can understand.

But I'm enjoying this too much, so I'll share later.


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