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Monday, April 18, 2005 

Can You Tell Roomie How To Get To Sesame Street?

Because I called ahead and they're expecting her!

I told them she stole Cookie Monster's cookies and kicked Big Bird in the ass. Now they're all riled up screaming, "Don't fuck with puppets bitch!".


Wasn't today the deadline? Do you want to go over to the Brit tonight and talk shit about her?

roommate troubles. that's why i lived with gay men. they're very nice to live with. and clean.

Oh, is THAT why, Blog Ho?

Oh well *now* she's done it! I mean it's one thing to annoy Terra but another thing altogether to piss off Ernie...

and they fuck men in the shower with the bathroom door open while you're home.

and they have crazy drug parties.

and they never pay their rent, Cindy.


escape from the burbs already, wouldya?

CL: Yes the deadline has come and gone. I asked her last night, "so I need to ask about your moving situation" and she replied, "what do you need to know?".

HO: Gay men are the bomb. But let's face it, they'd constantly be checking my dates to see if they were 6-pack gays... If u know what I mean.

Ian: Roomie was last seen running towards Mr. Rogers neighborhood screaming, "Elmo.. NO!".

Ty: That is the burbs... after hours.

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