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Monday, November 07, 2005 

Fuck, I Quit

Or words that I wish I could say today.

I'm taking a week off of blogging. That said, there will still be posts, everyday, but I'm pulling them from my drafts and the other blog I used to write on, Stream of Consciousness.

I say used to because I just can't keep up with writing on multiple blogs. I have terminall ADD and shit just doesn't keep my attention for very long. I would take my name off of the list of contributers but I have no idea how to do this.

I am stoopid.

But I also have tons of good/semi-good/crappy shit that's never been posted here. So be forewarned, none of this shit is current.

You might have even read it before.

If you're a blog whore.

Yeah, we know you, you blog whore. We even, kinda like you. You whorey whore.


Come back tomorrow though! And the next day! And the day after that! There will be shit here! I promise! Maybe even potentially good shit!

holy fuck. I just realized that I'm doing reruns during my offseason.