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Friday, July 08, 2005 

I'm Trash, But Not White Trash and That, My Friend, Makes All The Difference In The World


I hope.

My cousin called me up yesterday and said his hearing is coming up, could I write him a letter saying that I don't think he'll kill any more people in the near future?

"Huh? I didn't think you had killed anyone."

"Oh yeah... I meant rob."

"You robbed people?"

"Y..no. I said launder illegal drug money."

"Did you rob people?"

"No, look I'm just busy. Sometimes I say things I don't really mean."

"Like you're a murderer that used to rob people?"


"Hey E... try not to fuck up in court"


Anyway, so here's my letter:

Dear Powers That Be,

My cousin has changed a lot in the past week... I mean years. I don't think he would beat people up or smuggle weapons just because he was bored. Now he has a hobby. He plays scrabble...

.... alot.

I think he stole all my cd's last week... but I forgive him.

Because he has a knife to my neck.