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Friday, January 20, 2006 

Whatever happend to whats-his-bucket?

“Hey, Don sent me an email through Classmates.com”

“Don? Don Green? Holy shit. What’s that nazi war camp survivor up to?”

“I don’t know, and I’m not paying fifteen bucks to read some email. I mean, I’ll just wait until the reunion.”

“You have to read Don’s email. What if he’s in prison or something?”

“Oh yeah Terra, I’m sure they let prisoners register for Classmates.com in the rec room. I can just see them all signing up, Oh hey everyone! Guess what? I’m in prison now!”

“Well. I’d do it. So let’s guess what he’s up to then.”

“Manager of a fast food restaurant.”


“Homeless? Homeless Terra? But he had enough money to subscribe to this site?”

“FINE. I suck at this game. Besides, I hate Don, and if he’s all successful I’m just going to go shoot myself.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes. Yes I am. Just to prove you wrong.”

“No you’re not, because guns cost money, which you don’t have, then you’d have to fill out paperwork, and we both know how much you hate paperwork. You’re more of a pill person, but you don’t have any prescriptions so-”

“-thought about this much? Listen, stay on track, this conversation is about Don being a loser, not me.”

“Well, we’ll see at the reunion.”

“I’m not going. You can spread a rumor that I took over a third world country, because I’m spreading a rumor that you’re now living as a man.”


Now that is love. Damn.


You know you secretly miss him.

mad munkey- yes. love is cruel.

summer- Don? Don green? no. like, double n no. Now Chris? yes. damn. must find and stalk chris now.

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