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Thursday, August 11, 2005 

Today Sublime is Stuck in my Head. Loop.

Starting today here is what I'm going to do, I'm going to make a list and everyone who pisses me off is going to be on this list and then I'm going to go down and sign whatever fucking paperwork I have to to get a gun. Then, when I get this gun, I am going to shoot every motherfucker in the head with it.


I'm going to look straight into their mocking eyes and sigh, "This is for being such a bastard" and my exclamation point is going to be the sound of my finger pulling the trigger.

It's three o'clock and there's already at least ten fucking people on my list. I fucking hate everyone. Mostly cuz most people are a bunch of @#$#@$#@%$#%@# who never #$%R$#%$#^%$^&%@$# and really deserve a @#$$%@#$%$%!@ up their $%$@#!#%$#^%%$^%$@#.

Although, to be fair I've added some people to this list that I haven't seen in a while. Like the Ex. Or... at least one of them. Today I was reminded of his tendency to use my spare keys to come over while I was napping... and perchance avoiding him. What an asshole.

Yeah. I might pistol whip him as long as I'm on a crime spree. Fucker.


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