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Wednesday, July 13, 2005 

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone and Where Are All The Jocks

Ok, never mind the freakin cowboys. I know exactly where they are and if I head on over to The Saddle Rack I'll find at least a hundred pretending they can dance, tippin cowboy hats, wearing boots with heels and still shorter than me. Fuck man.

I hate The Saddle Rack and I swore, the last time I got kicked out, that I was never coming back.



The other day I was having lunch with my friend Jimmy and I told him that if he wanted a new car my friend Jon was selling his Mustang, and although I had been thinking about buying it, I've pretty much decided to pass. Jon's a great mechanic, the car is sound (I've been in it driving through canyons doing 140) but... I just can't do it.

It's a Ford, man.

And a fucking stang to top the whole shit off.


I. Cannot. Do. It.

Jimmy was like, yeah, I always hated Mustangs too. Fuck, I used to race Mustangs on purpose just to beat the shit out of them. Smug stupid motherfuckers.

Then Jimmy pointed out that the jocks don't drive them anymore.

Yeah. Come to think of it it's always young ghetto looking bitches drivin em nowadays. Young ghetto bitches that can't drive for shit but try to act like they can. I got into a fight with one one day. Fucking stupid bitch.


Come to think of it, old classy broads drive the camaro's now, which was always the classic jock alternative.

So I asked Jimmy what the jocks are driving? He didn't know. Which seemed odd because we always try to keep an eye on the block heads.

Then as we pondered this life altering question we realized, hey. We hadn't seen any jocks recently. Where the fuck have they gone?

I'd give this question more thought but I'm too busy rejoicing.